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Paso Robles – Top 30 Emerging Travel Destinations

Paso Robles – Top 30 Emerging Travel Destinations

We love Paso Robles; the wineries, the entertainment options, amazing housing and much more. The world is beginning to realize Paso Robles is a great place to visit and as reported by KEYT News it’s in the top 30 places to visit in 2020, 24th to be exact.

The list is created each year when travel website travellemming.com asks governments and tourism boards to create nominations for the best trending destinations in their region, then they submit the nominees for a vote by a panel of judges, some of the best-traveled bloggers on the planet.

Regarding Paso Robles they state “Move over, Napa! With hundreds of wineries to explore (most of them family owned and operated) and far fewer crowds, Paso Robles is the perfect place for a relaxing weekend break in 2020.”

In 2019 a local must-know cultural attractions opened in Paso Robles, the 15 acre Field of Light at Sensorio is a must see for tourist and locals alike.

We’re especially bias as our team at Navigators Real Estate loves living on the Central Coast, if you’re ready to learn more about this beautiful destination give us a call (805) 591-9931 or email sold@navhomes.com to learn more.

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